Wonder Soil

WONDER SOIL is an earth friendly water saving gardening solution of expanding wafers, bricks, cubes, innovative seed starters and biodegradable pots. The wafers are made in various sizes and formulas for different gardening applications and expand up to 9 times their volume when water is added. The products promote better gardening success for both the novice and professional.

The WONDER SOIL® Difference

Wonder Soil is 7 years old Start UP company that forged ahead to become the front runner in coir innovation with 3 patents issued and 1 pending. WS a committed to reduce the International environmental carbon footprint by producing "State of the Art" expanding planting mixes that are PEAT FREE AND save up to 90% water, space, freight, power and labor. WS's patented mixes are 100% biodegradable and promote faster germination with stronger root systems, better growth and healthier plants.

Benefits of Worm Castings

-Inhibit plant diseases
- Stimulate plant growth
- Reduce soil erosion and compaction
- Purest form of sustained-release plant food

Benefits of Stockosorb® AG Polymers

- Reduce watering needs by up to 50%
- Promote consistent moisture
- Increase plant performance
- Reduce soil erosion

Benefits of Mycorrihizal Fungi

- Improve soil microbiology
- Improve soil porosity
- Protect against plant diseases and plant loss

Benefits of Biosol® Natural Organic Fertilizer

-Provides 4 of the 6 essential conditions needed for healthy living soil
- Produces healthy plants with excellent root structure
- Holds 2 to 3 times its weight in water

Commercial Uses

Agricultural Research, Catalog sales, Education, Greenhouses, Hydro seeding, Incentives and Premiums, Landscaping, Lawn Repair, Nurseries, Parks and Forestry, Reclamation, Rooftop Gardening, Seed companies, Terrace Gardening.
Custom formulas and sizes are available for all planting applications.

WONDER SOIL® Saves Labor

- WONDER SOIL® saves time and labor to mix, maintain and carry
- WONDER SOIL® is premixed with everything needed to plant which reduces human error
- Less labor needed to water plants

WONDER SOIL® Saves Freight

- 87-90% savings
- Only 1 truck of WONDER SOIL® is needed for every 9 trucks of loose soil!

WONDER SOIL® Saves Storage

WONDER SOIL® can be stored in 92% less space and can be expanded when needed

WONDER SOIL® Saves Water

-The water saving potassium based polymers, absorb, store and deliver water on a consistent basis.
- This means that up to 50% less water is needed.